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Welcome to the Dutch log cabin Specialist!

Welcome to the Dutch log cabin Specialist!

Our wooden building creations give the ultimate look and feel for complete relaxation.

The secret of a log house lies in the feeling of comfort that a log building will provide you and a custom-made loghome is something you will enjoy continiously!

You will find the following products on our site:

■  Plug & Play unique styled sauna cabins, RAGANA type

■  DIY Loghouse kits for a privat sauna, garden house or mancave; TIJA and SANDA,

■  Custom made specials for tailor made houses, holiday homes, sauna's, garden houses, hunting cabins or your own mancave! These projects can be built with rough logs, or fabricated (square) logs. To get a good impression, you can have a look at our REFERENCE or CATALOGUE pages,  

One of the outstanding 'secret' features, is that the 'breatheable' wood material gives a loghouse a special healthy inside climate. The rustic look and feel of a wooden loghouse makes you enjoy it time and time again.

Our passion for this authentic way of building has resulted in a company that supplies its products to the European market. Our own, Dutch led production, results in Baltic craftsmanship with a touch of Dutch quality. The result is high quality, affordable eco friendly logstyle products. By doing that, we pretend to be unique on the market. We create taylormade holiday- or gardenhouse, outdoor sauna, garage, mancave or ultimate accommodation for your club. We can fabricate Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish style loghome designs.

If you require more information, mail to: info(a) or call: +31- (0)85-8640035


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